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The Hastings Teachers’ Association Benefit Fund (The Fund) provides dental, optical, medical, co-pay, prescription drug and life insurance benefits for its members.  (Please note that life insurance coverage is only provided for active members of the Hastings Professional Staff and former members who are now administrators in the Hastings School District.)  For information regarding each of these benefits, please refer to the handbook.

Optical Expense Reimbursement: Up to $700 per family or $450 per individual per claim year for lenses and/or frames, with a valid prescription

Medical Expense Reimbursement: Up to $350 per person or $700 per family for deductable or "not covered" expenses

Prescription Cost Reimbursement: 50% of first $600 (Maximum payout $300) of out-of-pocket prescription cost

Co-pay Reimbursement: 50% of first $600 (Maximum payout $300) per claim year for co-pays costs

Administrative Services Only, Inc. (ASO) processes all claims.  Please forward all claims to:

                                                        Administrative Services Only, Inc.

P.O Box 9005, Dept. 29

Lynbrook, New York 11563-9005

Members can log into the ASO website ( to check on the status of a claim or to view past claim history.  Any questions regarding a claim should be directed to the ASO Member Services Team at (800) 537-1238 or The Fund’s Trustees. 

Benefit Fund Trustees

Joan Felipe - Treasurer (MS)

Maryanne Gocmen (HS)

Christopher Cambell (Hillside)

Jocelyn Perez  (MS)

Suzanne Vaccaro - Chairperson (Hillside)

If you have any questions concerning a particular benefit, please feel free to contact the Chairperson directly at  

Panel Dentist

To search for a Panel Dentist, you may use the following web site:  On the homepage, you can either enter your user ID and password (directions are given on the homepage to determine this information) or you can simply select “Hastings Teachers Association” from the member list and click “GO.”  On the blue bar, click on “Find a Participating Dentist,” enter the search criteria and click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.  The dentists within the search criteria you selected will appear.

The listing of the dentists on the web site is NOT a recommendation from the Benefit Fund.

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