Annually, the Hastings Teachers Association presents a scholarship to graduating seniors who desire to enter the field of education. Since the 1950’s, the HTA has awarded almost $100,000 to Hastings’ students who wish to dedicate their lives to the vocation of educating our country’s school children.


The HTA also awards a yearly Scholarship to the Eighth Grader with the Highest Grade Point Average.


Below is a list of students who have chosen to receive the HTA Scholarship.





2015      Ava Dishian

2014      Roseann Puthiyamadam

2014      Rosalie Harpur-Reid

2013      Francesca Jarmillo

2012      Emma Sweeting (Future Teacher)

2012      Lena Trager (Future Service)

2012      Nicholas Grasso (Community Contributor)

2012      Brent Schaeffer (Retired Teacher Scholarship)

2012      Caroline Rudd (Retired Teacher Scholarship)

2011      NO APPLICANT

2010      Nicolee Spiller

2010      Graham Kerr

2010      Hannah Slater

2009      Jessica Volpe

2008      Deborah Paridise

2008      Therese Rice

2007      Alana Cimillo

2006      NO RECORD

2005      Heather Rowell

2005      Ashley Vavra

2004      Rachel Merchant

2004      Amy Stepman

2003      Peter Capacelli

2002      Jaclyn Melillo

1999      Meg MacElroy

1977      Maria Doufekias

1977      Patricia Attanosio

1975      Donald Russak

1975      Sharon Mitchell (Veleria Mattriski Scholarship)

1975      Mary Dalton

1975      Emily Singer (Frank Adams Scholarship)

1974      Rachel Dewey (Frank Adams Scholarship)

1974      Susan Fernandez (Valeria Mattriski Scholarship)

1973      Michael Rudenko

1973      Cheryl Johnson (Valeria Mattriski Scholarship)

1973      Kathryn Sachar (Frank Adams Scholarship)

1973      Roberta Borys (Valeria Mattriski Scholarship)

1971      Lynn Brill

1971      Patrice Contardi (Valeria Mattriski Scholarship)

1971      Gail Petrucci (Valeria Mattriski Scholarship)

1971      Laurene Allison (Frank Adams Scholarship

1962      Oliver Avendano





2015       Nina Silverstein

2014       Skylar Iosepovici

2013       Janey Litvin

2012       Katherine Berman

2011       Julia Morris

2010       Emma Dietz

2009       Imani Cherry-Paul

2009       Jeb Polstein

2008       Alexandra Berman

2005       Jack Berner

2004       Katherine Allyn

2004       Rachel DeLevie-Orey

2004       Stefanie Kattenacker

Hastings Teachers Association is an award-winning union of caring and dedicated professionals serving the educational needs and interests of our community.  Founded in 1927, the HTA remains proud of the quality and excellence that is associated with our school district. 




Hastings Teachers Association

120 Lefurgy Avenue

Hastings-on-Hudson, New York  10706




Please feel free to reach out to us with any question or comments.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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